Sequencing Cards — Imagens com sequências para praticar o inglês.

The children sack three large snowballs.
The children use a carrot and stones to make the snowman`s face.
They are happy when the snowman is finished.
inglês para crianças          english for kids
The boy has very long hair.
He gets a haircut.
Now his hair is short.
inglês para crianças          english for kids
The girl has a kite.
She runs with the kite.
The kite flies high in the air.
inglês para crianças          english for kids
The mother frog lays eggs.
Tadpoles hatch from the eggs.
The tadpoles become frogs.
inglês para crianças           english for kids
The boy has yellow and blue paint.
He mixes the blue paint with the yellow paint.
Now the boy has green paint.
inglês para crianças          english for kids
The dog is dirty.
The dog gets a bath.
Now the dog is clean.
inglês para crianças          english for kids
The car is going up the hill.
The car reaches the top of the hill.
Now the car is going down the hill.
inglês para crianças          english for kids
The plate is full of food.
The man eats the food.
The food is gone.
inglês para crianças       english for kids
A baby boy is born.
The baby grows into a young boy.
The young boy grows into a man.
inglês para crianças       english for kids
The boy lays bread on the plate.
He puts peanut butter and jelly on the bread.
He eats the sandwich.
inglês para crianças           english for kids
The duck sits on her eggs.
The eggs begin to hatch.
The baby ducklings are born.
inglês para crianças sequencing Cards          english for kids
The boy opens the bubble jar.
He dips the wand into the bubble mixture.
Now he blows many bubbles.
inglês para crianças          sequencing Cards
The grass is very long.
The girl the grass.
Now the grass is short.
inglês para crianças          sequencing Cards
It is a beautiful clear day.
Dark clouds fill the sky.
Rain falls from the dark clouds.
inglês para crianças          sequencing Cards
The girl plants seeds in the dirt.
She waters the seeds.
The flowers are growing.
atividades de ingles para criancas          sequencing Cards
The children wait for the school bus.
They ride on the school bus.
The children arrive at school.
sequencing Cards          sequencing Cards
The caterpillar crawls on a branch.
The caterpillar built a cocoon.
The caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
sequencing Cards          sequencing Cards
The girl puts toothpaste on the toothbrush.
She brushes her teeth.
She rinses her mouth with water.
sequencing Cards          sequencing Cards
Sequence Rummy

2-4 Players
Object: To use all the cards in your hand to make three-part sequences.

Game Play
1. Shuffle the deck and deal seven cards to each player. Turn the top card over from the draw pile to start a discard pile.

2. The player to the dealer`s left starts the game.

3. At the beginning of each turn, you may pick a card from the draw pile, pick the top card from the discard pile, or pick up several cards in a row from the discard pile. If several cards in a row are picked up, you must be able to lay down the last card picked up in a sequence during that turn.

4. To score points, lay down sequences in the correc order, describe the sequence to the other players, and discard one card to the discard pile.

5. You must discard on every turn except when you "go out". To go out you must lay down a sequence and lay your last card on the discard pile.

6. Once a player has gone out, all players, score their hands to see who has the most points.

Scoring: Count 10 points for each sequence you made. Each card left in your hand once another player has gone out equals one point that must be subtracted from your sequence points.

The person with the most points wins the game!
sequence rummy
Additional Ways to Play

Sequence Rummy Plus

Play with the same rules as Sequence Rummy, but when a player has two parts of a sequence, the layer may lay those cards down during his or her turn. If that player can finish the sequence in a later turn, the player receives bonus points. If an opponent lays the card down in front of himself or herself and scores the points.

Scoring: Score five points for each card laid down. Score five bonus points for a whole sequence of three cards laid down. Subtract five points for each card left in your hand once a player has gone out.

Three-Way Matching

Shuffle the cards and lay them picture side up on the floor. Gather each of the sequences in the correct order. See how fast you can make all the sequences.

Memory Match
For pre-reader

First, decide how many sequences with which to play. You may use as few as five sequences or up to all 18 sequences for this game.
Shuffle the cards and lay them face down on the floor. Take turns flipping over three cards at a time to try to find te three parts of a sequence. If you find a correct sequence, pick it up and lay it in front of you. If you do not find a sequence, flip them back over and remember where they are so that you can find them again in a later round to make a match. See who can find the most sequences.
sequence rummy game play

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