Food and Drink — Compreender o vocabulário relativo a comidas e bebidas.


- Compreender o vocabulário relativo a comidas e bebidas.
- Exercícios de consolidação



Apple - (Maçã)
Apricot - (Damasco)
Avocado - (Abacate)
Banana - (Banana)
Cherry - (Cereja)
Coconut - (Coco)
Cranberry - (Amora)
frutas em inglesfruit vegetable ingles
(Black) Currant - (Groselha)
Grape - (Uva)
Grapefruit - (Toranja)
Kiwi - (Kiwi)
Lemon - (Limão)
Mango - (Manga)
(Water) Melon - (Melancia)
Orange - (Laranja)
Peanut - (Amendoim)
Peach - (Pêssego)
Pear - (Pêra)
Pineapple - (Ananás)
Pomegranate - (Romã)
Raspberry - (Framboesa)
Strawberry - (Morango)
Tomato - (Tomate)
Walnut - (Noz)
Lime - (Lima)
Papaya - (Papaia)

Artichoke - (Alcachofra)
Asparagus - (Espargos)
Aubergine / Eggplant - (Beringela)
Bean - (Feijão)
Broccoli - (Brócolos)
(White) Cabbage - (Couve Branca)
Cauliflower - (Couve-Flor)
Celery - (Aipo)
Chilli pepper - (Malagueta)
Cucumber - (Pepino)
 Garlic - (Alho)
Ginger - (Gengibre)
Kohlrabi - (Couve-Rábano)
Leek - (Alho-Francês)
Mushroom - (Cogumelo)
Onion - (Cebola)
Parsley - (Salsa)
Pea - (Ervilha)
(Green) Pepper - (Pimento Verde)
Potato - (Batata)
Radish - (Rabanete)
Spring Onion - (Cebolinha)
(Brussels) Sprouts - (Couve de Bruxelas)
Sweet Corn - (Milho Doce)
Zucchini / Courgette - (Courgette)

vegetais em inglesmeat fish ingles

Beef - Bife
Chicken - Frango
Turkey - Peru
Pork - Porco
Sausage - Salsicha
Duck - Pato

 Fish - Peixe
 Shrimp - Camarão
 Mussels - Mexilhões
 Salmon - Salmão
 Cod - Bacalhau
 Trout - Truta

Milk - Leite
Cheese - Queijo
Butter - Manteiga
egg - Ovo
boiled egg - Ovo cozido
scrambled egg - Ovos mexidos
fried egg - Ovo frito

Milk - Leite
Coffee - Café
Tea - Chá
Water - Água
Juice - Sumo
Soda - Refrigerante
Wine - Vinho
Beer - Cerveja

drink inlgescontable uncontable exercicios de ingles

These are bananas.
Estas são bananas.

This is pasta.
Isto é massa.

These are oranges.
Estas são laranjas.

This is bread.
Isto é pão.

These are apples.
Estas são maçãs.

These are beans.
Estes são feijões.

These are strawberries.
Estes são morangos.

This is rice.
Isto é arroz.

These are mangoes.
Estas são mangas.

These are potatoes.
Estas são batatas.

These are carrots.
Estas são cenouras.

This is milk.
Isto é leite.

These are tomatoes.
Estes são tomates.

These are eggs.
Estes são ovos.

This is broccoli.
Estes são bróculos.

This is cheese.
Isto é queijo.

These are green beans.
Estas são vagens.

This is butter.
Isto é manteiga.

These are peppers.
Estes são pimentos.

This is yogurt.
Isto é iogurte.

This is chicken
This is lamb
This is beef
This is shrimp
This is salmon


Exercise 1 
Write the food in the correct column either countable or uncountable


exercicios em ingles contaveis e incontaveisvegetais em ingles
Exercise 2
Name the fruit indicated from 1-10. Look at the example

Example: 0 –strawberry

Exercise 3. 
In each sentence underline the correct option as is done in the example.
Carrots is/are very healthy.

1. Strawberries is/are my favourite fruit. I love strawberries.
2. I think mangoes is/are delicious
3. Green beans is/are my favourite vegetable.
4. Broccoli is/are very good for you.
5. I think cheese is/are awful. I hate cheese.
6. Chicken is/are my favourite meat.

Exercise 4
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.

activities englishactivities english basic
Exercise 5
Read the text and answer the questions:

It's Friday afternoon and John's friend Mark is coming for tea tomorrow.

Mrs. S: John, is Mark coming for tea tomorrow?
John: Yes mum, I told you yesterday!
Mrs. S: Oh did you? Sorry, I must have forgotten.
John: What are we having?
Mrs. S: I don't know yet, I was just writing out the shopping list. What sort of things does he like?
John: Anything, just about. I know he hates pasta though; he never eats school dinner if it's pasta.
Mrs. S: OK, what about pizza.
John: Yeah, pizza would be great, not too much salad though please mum.
Mrs. S: How about a fruit salad for pudding instead?
John: With ice cream?
Mrs. S: Yes, ok.
John: Great, I can't wait!

Entertaining at Home - It's Saturday and John's friend Mark has just arrived. 

John: Hi Mark!
Mark: Hi John, how's it going?
John: Fine, and you?
Mark Oh you know.
John: Yeah, tell me about it.
Mrs. S: Hello Mark, how are you.
Mark: Very well thank you Mrs. Smith.
John Mum, can we go and play in my room?
Mrs. S: Yes, after tea. We're having pizza tonight Mark, is that alright?
Mark: Yes Mrs. Smith that should be fine, but I am a vegetarian.
Mrs. S: Oh John, you didn't tell me!
John Sorry mum, I didn't know.
Mrs. S: Well it's just as well I bought mushroom pizza as well then, isn't it?
Mark: I'm sorry if it's any trouble Mrs. Smith.
Mrs. S: Don't worry Mark, it's not your fault, we can eat the salami pizza and you can have the mushroom one. Why don't you both go and play upstairs, tea will be a little bit longer than expected!
John: This way Mark.

1. Mark comes for tea on Friday.
A. True | B. False | C. Don't know

2. John hasn't told his mum that Mark is coming for tea.
A. True | B. False | C. Don't know

3 Mark never eats pasta.
A. True | B. False | C. Don't know

4 John loves salami.
A. True | B. False  | C. Don't know

5 Mark will eat anything.
A. True | B. False  | C. Don't know

6 John's mum only has pizza with meat.
A. True | B. False | C. Don't know

7 Vegetarians don't eat meat.
A. True | B. False | C. Don’t know

8 John and Mark eat after playing.
A. True | B. False | C. Don't know

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